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Fontana, CA

Fontana, California, located in San Bernardino County, is a vibrant and rapidly growing city known for its rich historical heritage, diverse community, and strong commitment to progress and development. With a population of over 200,000 residents, Fontana stands as a prominent city in the Inland Empire, offering a mix of suburban living and industrial vitality.

Fontana's history is deeply rooted in its industrial past, notably marked by the Kaiser Steel Mill, which played a significant role during World War II. Today, the city honors its history while embracing growth and innovation, evident in the development of the Auto Club Speedway, a major hub for auto racing enthusiasts.

The city is committed to fostering a healthy and active community, as seen in its numerous parks and recreational facilities. The Fontana Park, a sprawling 38-acre facility, includes a community center, aquatic park, and sports pavilion, catering to a wide range of interests and activities for residents of all ages.

Fontana also takes pride in its cultural and community events. The Fontana Days Festival, which includes the famous half-marathon, is a long-standing tradition that brings together the community for celebration and entertainment. The city's Art Depot Gallery is a hub for local artists, showcasing the diverse and vibrant cultural fabric of Fontana.

Education is a key focus in Fontana, with the city being home to several highly regarded schools and educational programs. The Fontana Unified School District, along with various private and charter schools, provides quality education and opportunities for youth development.

For shopping, dining, and entertainment, Fontana offers a variety of options. The Victoria Gardens and Sierra Lakes Marketplace are popular destinations for shopping and leisure, providing residents with access to a range of retail and dining experiences.

In summary, Fontana, California, is a city that seamlessly combines its rich historical roots with a forward-looking vision. It's a place where community, cultural diversity, and economic growth come together to create a dynamic and welcoming environment. Whether engaging in recreational activities, participating in community events, or enjoying the local amenities, Fontana offers a fulfilling experience for residents and visitors alike.




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Directions From Fontana, CA

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